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Getting to Know More about Using an Exclamation Mark

exclamation mark

All students need to write essays, term papers or another piece of literature during their college years, but not all would fancy becoming a writer. Some of them do know a thing or two about writing, while others will require a lot of help and assistance to finish a piece of paper. No matter how you rate yourself as a writer, you will always need to be good at a few things to be able secure a good grade. For instance, one of the biggest issues found in essays and papers is misused words and spelling errors.

Students commit these mistakes, knowingly or unknowingly. But something that is equally important and is often overlooked is punctuation. If a student doesn't know how to use punctuation correctly, he/she will even lose credit for hours of work they have done to complete their research. You need to use punctuation correctly to be able to maintain a right string of coherent thoughts and ideas.

When you talk about punctuation, it isn't all about using commas correctly. You need to consider other things as well - such as the sign of exclamation (111). The problem here is that many students often go overboard with the idea of using this exclamation mark. And when they use it overdramatically, it hurts their credibility as an author. To use it correctly, you should keep following rules in mind.

  • You can use this mark when giving a loud remark. For instance, "the song is great", is a straightforward statement, but "what an amazing song!" is exclamation.
  • You can use the sign of exclamation with commands - orders given with authority, like "sit!", "eat!" etc.
  • You can also use this mark with sound effects to convey loud noises. "Aargh!", "Pow!" and "Achoo!" are a few good examples.

In addition to these, you will find some other rules as well. For instance, it's not a good idea to use an exclamation point in formal writing. Similarly, it is recommended to use only one exclamation mark instead of three, four or more – even one exclamation mark will have the same emphasis as three of them do.

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